We are doing a fundraising party for a new song and video!
Its a music video about Dinosaurs and will blow your mind.

The video will be released on June 1rst, and the song will be made available for free.

So, Its fund raising time! For 5 Dollerz you get a digital copy of my Album “Oh Shnapz.”
For 10 Dollerz you get a digital copy of “Oh SHnapz” AND a digital copy of my album from 2009 “For the kidz in Juvenile detention”

For 25 bucks you get a T Shirt mailed to you! (please include your physical address and t shirt size in the donation notes) plus you get links to the digital Albums as well

For 50 bucks you can call me up and we can have red hot phone sex, or talk about whatever boring thing you want.

For 250 Bucks you can have any logo of your choice in the lower right corner of the video. ( or a picture of whatever you want, your moms face, your best in the toilet, a can of garbage ext. ext. ) The logo or picture will be a watermark on the video for its entire duration!!

If there is anything else you can email me anytime at McRapperson@gmail.com

The video will be awesome! Thanks so much for helping to make this happen!!!


  • 20152014

    The Super Tiny

    Yo I'm Really Cool!

  • 20152014

    Live at The Amway

    Live at the Amway Arena, will be released!

  • 20142013

    Greatest Hitz Volume 2

    This album includes McRapperson Baby and Diereeah

  • 20142013

    Greatest Hitz Volum 1

    In Love With The Girl Who Works at Taco Del Mar.

New Video

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