How-to-Get-More-for-Less-in-a-Tough-EconomyAhhh! The economy is in shambles. How can you protect your bottom line with unbelievable spiraling costs? A couple of years ago I was in touch with an old High School friend (all right, it was our 30th High School reunion. Doh). He went out of his way to point out how I hadn’t exactly “mellowed” over the years. “Look around, man. Gas is nearly three bucks a gallon. The housing market’s bubble is about to burst, and just how long has this positive “economic cycle” been going anyway?”

Now if I had said all of this and purposely positioned myself in a field on the cutting edge of cost saving IT management, I’d be doing some seriously contorted back slappin’ about now. Well, at least I’m on the side of the solution, as opposed to the problem (And, I was right, Brad). Now that EVERYONE is looking for a way to decrease costs and improve their bottom line, here I am at a company that does just that. It turns out that delivering IT management through remote automation provides – are you ready – more for less. Ok, you’re saying, I get the less, but what about the more? Put simply, PROACTIVE management crushes the old “break fix” model. You see, it’s a billion times (approximately) easier to keep track of licenses, patch management, errors, hard drive space and all of those other pesky, mind numbing details with – again, are you ready – computers, not that expensive IT fella. Frequently, problems are addressed before a user has any idea that there is a problem. If a problem does arise, a technician has a “dashboard” look into the users’ entire IT environment, typically solving the problem remotely (again, without the IT fella). This amounts to about 60k saving in your average sized IT environment, and considerably more if you’re talking about hundreds of workstations. More for less in perilous times; maybe I am some sort of clairvoyant.

I think I’ll call Australia to find out tomorrow’s lottery numbers.

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