Remember having to wait for your favorite songs to come on the radio so that you could tape record them? Thank gosh music life has changed tremendously since then. I in particular, am very thankful for the inventions of Pandora, free MP3 downloads, Google Music, and Shazam. These apps have saved me, and I’m sure a ton of other people quite a bit of money. Gone are the days of having to purchase an entire CD just because you like one single song on it.

Shazam in particular is my absolute favorite tool to enjoy music life. It’s a free music recognition app that you can download on your phone. Whenever I’m jamming out to music on Pandora, or in the car (as long as I’m not driving), and I hear a song I like that I don’t know, or even a song that I like and do know, but know I will forget about it later, I just Shazam it. Later, when I have time, I go through a list of my tags on Shazam and download the songs I had tagged. I don’t even own an MP3 player, I just use an old phone I have, and store all my music on there to listen to whenever I’m feeling the music life.

My favorite time to listen to music is when I’m in the shower. I crank up the volume and forget for a bit that I can’t even sing. Since I have a tankless water heater, I can stay in the shower for as long as I like while I jam out. Before I had a new tankless water heater ( I remember the water running cold before I could finish jamming out to my favorite songs.

Before all this new technology came out, the only way to be recognized as a singer, or any kind of musical performance artist, you had to have an agent, and work with a label, and all kinds of other expensive things to go with those. Now, thanks to YouTube, social media, and all kinds of other platforms, everyone and anyone can post their work for public consumption. This is both good and bad for music life. Unfortunately, not everyone can sing well. I, for example realized this when I was in fifth grade. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes how terrible they actually sing, and their noise pollution clogs up the better parts of music life. On a positive note, some very accomplished singers got their start from YouTube. Since just about everyone has a webcam, and video recording on their phone, it costs nothing to upload a video of yourself singing. Once a few people notice, and the video goes viral……well now you have a newfound musical celebrity.

There are now quite a few different shows you can audition for if you feel you want to be a part in music life. American Idol was the first, but since its premier, a whole slew of shows followed suit. Just make sure to audition in front of friends and family first to see if you have what it really takes to make it.

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