What should I prepare for the audition?

Versatility is key! Be prepared to demonstrate an advanced level of sight reading in many different styles, as this will be the majority of the audition. Exhibit good sound, rhythm and intonation as well as a knowledge of improvisation. Reed players will need to show proficiency on doubles (i.e. flute, clarinet).

How long is a typical contract?

Contracts will generally range anywhere from 4-6 months.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. You will need a passport that is valid through the end of your contract.

Do I pay for my flights to and from the ship?

No. Flights, hotel and meal vouchers during travel to and from your contract will all be provided and arranged for you.

Is there internet/wifi on board?

es. There is always internet access available while onboard. There are crew internet cafe’s with computers and wifi access ranging between .06 – .12 cents/minute.

What should I pack?

Orchestra musicians should be prepared with at least two sets of blacks (black slacks and button down shirt) as well as formal attire (tuxedo for men, dress for women). And don’t forget to pack for the climate in the area of the world you will be cruising!

Can I use the passenger areas of the ship (gym, dining facilities, etc.)?

Specific rules and regulations can vary ship to ship but typically you will have access to these areas of the ship (with the exception of the pool, casino or a passenger cabin) during non peak hours.

Will I have any additional duties while on board?

Performing music will be your only job while on board. However, ALL crew members are required to participate in the safety/emergency drills that occur once or twice a cruise.

Are there laundry facilities on board?

There are several crew area laundry rooms on board, free of charge. You will only need to purchase detergent which you can do once you arrive on the ship.

Can I get off the ship when we are in port?

Absolutely! The biggest perk of the job is the opportunity to travel and see the world. As musicians and entertainers most of the work you do will be done in the evenings, so you will have most days free to get off the ship and enjoy each port.

Do I have any expenses while on board?
The only expenses you have is the money you choose to spend. All room and board is covered throughout the entirety of your contract, as well as all onboard medical treatment.