Working in the car service industry, I have found that choosing the right music has made a huge difference on my work performance but also on my clients’ moods. Our work force started separating music in the work room from the music that our clients get to hear.

In our section of the building, we have to play loud, banging and upbeat music. It needs to have a solid bass and play at a louder volume so that we can hear over the sounds of repairs. Have you ever heard the loud crank of a good floor jack? Imagine four of those being used at once! Our group tends to go with classic rock music. At the same time, we have to keep you music relatively clean. Our business may involve families in the waiting room, and we don’t want to risk the families hearing profanity for professional reasons.

For the waiting section of the business, we like to use calm, family-friendly, and upbeat music. We don’t play it as loud so that our customers can communicate with our front-desk people or focus on phone calls/work. A lot of our clients take the time out of their work day for car repairs, so we are dedicated to creating a calming and relaxing environment.
Introducing music into the workplace or a waiting room really increases positive levels. Since we started playing music in the waiting room, our customer service staff has reported less negative interactions with clients. Our clients don’t feel that they are waiting as long and are able to enjoy themselves even more.

For our employees, they’ve found that adding music to the work environment has helped make the daily routine of fixing cars more enjoyable. Coworkers can bound over their similar taste in music. While fixing a car, we can sing to ourselves to help keep ourselves entertained. The lighter atmosphere makes the day less stressful and makes it go by even faster. When you’re able to hear the music over the sounds of drills and the cranking of a floor jack, you feel much happier.
Music provides a sense of ease and relaxation on both ends. It’s a familiar and comforting sound, whether it’s classic rock or upbeat pop music. Music also brings people together. For several of my coworkers, I have seen them start to discuss and talk about their favorite bands, all started with a conversation about the song that is playing. While not everyone has the same taste, music is able to connect and create conversations that will help grow friendships.

Improving the workplace or a client’s experience really doesn’t take much. With the right application of music, it can increase positivity and work ethic. Customers will feel more relaxed and are less likely to complain about their experience. For me, it’s an opportunity to help pass time and get through the day. While fixing cars is a passion, it can get repetitive over time. Music, switching from song to song and genre to genre, can help mix things up. You never know what to expect, which is what I find so enjoyable about having music playing in the workplace.

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